N.Korea defends launch of projectiles

N.Korea defends launch of projectiles

North Korea has defended its launch of projectiles on Saturday, saying it was part of ordinary military training for self-defense.

A Foreign Ministry spokesperson issued a statement on Wednesday referring to the drill.

The statement says no one was targeted in the launches, and they were not designed to exacerbate the regional situation.

The statement says that the United States and South Korea conducted joint military exercises in March and April. It says no one complained about those drills, which it describes as provocative preparations for war. It goes on to say that North Korea's ordinary defense drill is accused of being provocative, and the country is under pressure to disarm.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reportedly supervised what his country called tests of large-caliber long-range rocket launchers and tactical guided weapons.

But some experts say the projectiles may have included a short-range ballistic missile -- possibly in violation of UN Security Council resolutions.