Turbulence injures 3 on Alitalia flight to Japan

Turbulence injures 3 on Alitalia flight to Japan

Three crew members aboard an Alitalia flight into Japan have been injured when air turbulence rocked it just before landing near Tokyo.

Officials at Japan's transport ministry say the Italian airline's flight 784 from Rome was about to land at Narita Airport around 10 a.m. on Thursday when the turbulence hit.

The Boeing 777 was suddenly shaken violently. Officials say a 45-year-old Italian flight attendant hit her head on a meal cart, while two of her colleagues fell and reportedly suffered minor injuries.

A total of 256 passengers and crew were on board, but no other injuries have been reported.

Alitalia officials say seat-belt signs were on, and crew members were conducting cabin checks.

One passenger said the plane dived steeply twice just after the announcement that it was descending to land, and she was scared. She said some people screamed, but there was no panic on board.

Japanese weather officials had issued a thunderstorm advisory for wide areas in the Kanto district.

The transport ministry is investigating.