Tokyo hosts conference on 'sports tech'

Tokyo hosts conference on 'sports tech'

Artificial intelligence is starting to have an impact in sports. Athletes are using new body sensors to revamp training methods, while AI is set to change the sports event experience. The buzzword is "sports tech."

Tokyo hosted an international conference on sports tech startups. About 100 firms attended looking to generate business opportunities..

Japan's Sports Agency Commissioner Daichi Suzuki said he wants to promote the fusion of sports and technology.

Suzuki said, "We want to promote sports tech in the run-up to the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics."

In the United States and Europe, cutting-edge products are emerging in this new field.

A US firm exhibited stamp-sized sensors that attach to an athlete's arms and legs. The company says they provide precise data on body movements on a smartphone app. The data can be used by athletes to improve their performance ... and also recover from injuries.

Another technology is for use at a sports stadium. It detects crowds at toilets or outlets, which is also linked to a smartphone app.

Organizers said they want to showcase the technology at the Japan conference and encourage collaboration among a wide range of industries.