Trump eager to negotiate bilateral trade deals

Trump eager to negotiate bilateral trade deals

US President Donald Trump has expressed an eagerness to negotiate bilateral and wide-ranging deals with America's major trade partners.

Trump made the call in the "2019 Economic Report of the President," released Tuesday. He indicated that removing trade barriers on farm and industrial goods, as well as on services, would benefit US interests.

Trump mentioned ongoing trade talks with China, the European Union and Japan. He added his administration intends to start negotiations with Britain as soon as it leaves the EU.

Trump referred to Japan's tariffs on American beef and pork. He said, "A number of international competitors, such as Australia, face much lower Japanese tariffs."
Those countries are members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is why they have the easier market access. Trump pulled the US out of the free-trade pact soon after taking office.

Trump renewed his call for a bilateral deal with Japan, saying it could "level the playing field for US exporters."

He added, "Beyond agriculture, other tariffs and non-tariff barriers stand in the way of US goods and services exports to Japan."