Venezuela opposition: Over 200 patients dead

Venezuela opposition: Over 200 patients dead

Venezuela's opposition camp says more than 200 patients died in the week until Thursday due to nationwide power blackouts that hit hospitals, and a shortage of medicine.

Venezuela faces a serious lack of goods, as President Nicolas Maduro has blocked an effort to bring humanitarian relief supplies into the country from other nations.

The US-backed effort has been led by Juan Guaido, leader of Venezuela's congress and self-declared interim president.

Pharmacies in the capital, Caracas, have almost no medicine.

Power failures have left some hospitals unable to operate artificial respirators and dialysis equipment.

A 53-year-old resident of Caracas has been without medicine for his kidney disease for the past 20 days. He said medical imports have stopped amid the intensified conflict between Maduro and Guaido. He added that the situation is worsening, but he can't do anything about it.

The shortage of goods shows no prospects of ending.