Negotiations with Myanmar government 'fruitless'

Negotiations with Myanmar government 'fruitless'

A UN human rights envoy for Myanmar is worried about renewed violence in Rakhine state, and says the ongoing crisis should be referred to the International Criminal Court.

Yanghee Lee provided an update on Monday. She said that there are more negative than positive developments, describing negotiations with Myanmar's government as "fruitless."

Lee said clashes between the separatist Arakan Army and the Myanmar military has forced 10,000 people to flee from Rakhine State since November.

Lee also said it does not appear that the situation will improve in the immediate future. She called on all parties involved in conflicts around the country to protect civilians, take precautions and end hostilities.

The ongoing conflict is further complicating the Rohingya refugee crisis. The UN estimates 730,000 people have already fled to neighboring Bangladesh since violence erupted in August 2017. The UN had described the military campaign has been carried out with "genocidal intent". Myanmar's government denies the allegations.