Why did Ghosn leave detention in disguise?

Why did Ghosn leave detention in disguise?

Former Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn walked out of detention wearing work clothes, a cap and a surgical mask after he was released on bail on Wednesday.

Sources say Ghosn's lawyers told the detention house that they wanted him dressed in a work uniform and driven away in a small van.

Images appear to show detention house officials surrounding Ghosn to hide him from reporters.

The facility says the officials were guarding Ghosn against unexpected occurrences and not trying to hide him.

It says Ghosn was guarded because he is a high-profile person. It also says he was released during regular visiting hours, and people were entering and leaving the building.

People have expressed mixed views about Ghosn's disguise on the Internet.

One said Ghosn shouldn't have worn a disguise, and that if he claims to be innocent, he should have left nobly in a Nissan car.

Another showed sympathy regarding Ghosn's situation, saying it's not ridiculous but normal. The person said there is nothing wrong with disguising oneself as a worker to deceive paparazzi.

French newspaper Le Figaro said in its online edition that Ghosn recalled that Napoleon the Third was disguised as a worker when he escaped from prison in 1846.

The paper said Ghosn got in a small van in disguise to trick reporters, but that they spotted him immediately.

The New York Times reported in its online edition that Ghosn's outfit looked like a crossing guard's uniform. The paper said he tried to sneak past a crowd of Japanese and foreign reporters who had been waiting for him for hours.