Restart of 3 aging reactors to be postponed

Restart of 3 aging reactors to be postponed

Kansai Electric Power Company based in Osaka says the restart of three aging reactors at two of its nuclear power plants will be postponed until at least later next year due to a delay in meeting safety standards.

Kansai Electric announced on Monday that it will postpone the restart of No.1 and No.2 reactors at the Takahama plant and No.3 reactor at the Mihama plant in Fukui Prefecture.

All the reactors are past their government-mandated 40-year operational life. But they have been given operating extensions of up to 20 more years.

The government set the 40-year limit as a guideline after the 2011 nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant.

Kansai Electric informed Fukui Prefecture of the revised schedule.

Construction at the two reactors at the Takahama plant will be completed nine months later than initially planned. Finishing the Mihama reactor will be six months behind the schedule. This means the earliest restart for the reactors would be after June of next year.

A Kansai Electric executive says the utility will put safety first rather than meeting the initial schedule as there have been workmen's accidents at the construction site.