Taiwan to shut all nuclear reactors by May 2025

Taiwan to shut all nuclear reactors by May 2025

Taiwan's government has decided to stick to its policy of phasing out nuclear power by May 2025 despite the outcome of a referendum that calls for a review of the plan.

The result of the referendum held last November requires repeal of a legal article that calls for all six nuclear reactors on the island to be shut down by 2025.

The provision was established after the 2011 nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan.

But the government said on Thursday that it decided continuing to operate five of the reactors beyond May 2025 would be impossible. Another reactor has already gone out of operation.

As reasons for the decision, the government cites such factors as resistance from local governments of areas where the reactors are sited.

Opposition to nuclear power has grown in Taiwan since the Fukushima accident. But concern remains strong that the supply of electricity may fall short of demand without nuclear power.

The government's decision may spark a backlash for running counter to the outcome of the referendum.