Man arrested for pointing laser beam at bus driver

Man arrested for pointing laser beam at bus driver

Tokyo police have arrested a man for pointing a laser beam at the driver of a city bus last year. The man reportedly told police he got angry because the bus had cut in front of his car.

Police say the 38-year-old man aimed a laser pointer at the driver when he pulled alongside the bus that parked at a stop in Meguro Ward last July. He was arrested for suspicion of assaulting the driver and obstructing public services.

The bus driver was unharmed but he felt that something was wrong with his eyes. He continued driving to the next stop before another driver took over.

The man left the scene at the time. But police identified him with security camera footage after receiving a report.

The man reportedly admitted to the charges.

Many similar incidents have been reported across Japan in recent years.

Last October, what appeared to be laser beams were directed at a Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force helicopter and caused a temporary impairment to the eyesight of the co-pilot who was flying it over western Japan.

In 2016, a 55-year-old man was arrested after pointing a laser beam at a Maritime Self-Defense Force plane flying near Tokyo.

In 2015, what was believed to be a laser beam was aimed at the driver of a Shinkansen bullet train in western Japan.

Police are intensifying crackdowns on such incidents as some laser pointers produce high light outputs that violate government safety standards.