Partial solar eclipse observed in Japan

Partial solar eclipse observed in Japan

Sky watchers across Japan have enjoyed the first partial solar eclipse over the country in three years.

The sun was partially concealed by the moon on Sunday morning. It was the first such eclipse observable in Japan since March in 2016.

In the northern city of Sapporo, at 10:13 AM, the eclipse obscured about 40 percent of the sun.

About 30 percent of the sun was obscured at 10:06 AM in Tokyo.

Gatherings were held in many places to observe the event.

People enjoyed the spectacle while wearing protective glasses.
An elementary school boy at a gathering in Sapporo said the eclipsed sun looked like the moon. He said he saw it for the first time, and that he was surprised at its beauty.

The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan says people in the country will be able to see a partial solar eclipse again on December 26th.