Govt. plans revising telecom equipment rules

Govt. plans revising telecom equipment rules

The Japanese government plans to revise the rules for its procurement of telecommunications equipment to take into consideration the risks related to national security.

The only current rules are on the cost of procurement.

The government will begin studying revisions of the internal rules of the relevant ministries and agencies as early as next week, with an eye toward preventing information leaks from cyber-attacks.

The US administration of President Donald Trump has banned the government from using products made by Huawei and other Chinese telecommunications companies due to national security concerns.

The US has also asked countries that host US military bases not to use Chinese telecommunications equipment.

The Japanese government plans to avoid naming specific Chinese companies in the revised rules.

The minister in charge of cyber security, Yoshitaka Sakurada, says the government will take various steps by studying cyber security technologies and measures taken by other countries.