South Korea mulls arrests of former top judges

South Korea mulls arrests of former top judges

A court in South Korea is deciding whether two former Supreme Court justices should be arrested for abuse of power.
It is the country's first such situation.
The two retired Justices were summoned to the Seoul Central District Court on Thursday morning.

Both are facing a slew of possible charges including abuse of power and dereliction of duty.
Prosecutors allege they pressured other judges to make rulings that favored former President Park Geun-hye, who is currently serving a prison term for corruption.

Prosecutors say Park Byong-dae deliberately put off a wartime labor case filed by former Korean workers who say they were forced to work in Japanese factories.

It's believed he did so after a request from the South Korean foreign ministry.
At the time the ministry was trying to mend ties with Japan.

Former justice Ko Young-han is accused of covering up an appellate court judge's leaking of secret information because the judge had close ties with an important staff member in the presidential office.

Prosecutors also suspect the two justices were involved in improper lobbying of the presidential office on behalf of the Supreme Court Chief Justice at the time.
The court is expected to give its decision by Friday morning at the latest.