Criminal action against smuggling of wagyu eggs

Criminal action against smuggling of wagyu eggs

Japan's agriculture minister has revealed that the government plans to file a criminal complaint against a man who tried to illegally take fertilized eggs of premium wagyu beef cattle from Japan to China.

The export of such eggs is prohibited under the domestic animal infectious diseases control act.

Agriculture minister Takamori Yoshikawa spoke to reporters on Tuesday about the incident that occurred in July this year.

The man attempted to take a container filled with the eggs to China, but was unable to pass customs there and returned to Japan. The eggs were confiscated at Japanese customs.

Yoshikawa said the incident is regrettable, and added that he believes that the ministry must come up with measures to prevent a recurrence.

He said the ministry has informed airlines and customs of the incident.

According to the ministry, this is the first case anyone has illegally attempted to take wagyu fertilized eggs out of Japan into another country.