Farmers very busy in cultivation of watermelon

Farmers very busy in cultivation of watermelon

Watermelon growers are having a very busy late November harvest season in Kochi Prefecture, western Japan. Watermelon is usually a summer product, but a variety named Luna Piena is cultivated from autumn to winter.

Producers of the fruit use a unique method -- hanging it with vinyl strings at around waist height.

This makes the watermelons sweeter because it allows sun exposure from the leaf to fruit stages even though sunshine from fall to winter is not as strong as in summer.

In Konan City, farmers harvest the watermelons in greenhouses, using scissors to remove them one by one. They check the fruits' contents by slapping them and listening to the sound.

A producer said this year's watermelons have high sugar content, so he wants people to eat them cold in warm rooms at home.