Actress Harue Akagi dies at 94

Actress Harue Akagi dies at 94

Japanese actress Harue Akagi, known for playing supporting roles on popular TV dramas, has died at the age of 94.

Akagi had been treated for a bone fracture and Parkinson's disease for 3 years. She died of cardiac failure at a Tokyo hospital on Thursday.

Born in former Manchuria in 1924, Akagi debuted as actress in 1940.

She joined a group of performers that visited bases of Japan's imperial army during World War Two. She later played many roles in films and on the stage.

Akagi is best known for portraying unique characters in NHK's popular drama "Oshin" and other TV series.

In 2013, she had the leading role in the film "Pecoross' Mother and Her Days" at the age of 88. She was certified by Guinness World Records as the oldest actress to debut in a leading role in a film.

Akagi is also known in China for her portrayal of a mother-in-law in the TV drama series "Wataru Seken wa Oni Bakari," broadcast by Chinese state TV starting in 2008.

People posting on the Chinese social media platform Weibo said they watched Akagi in the first Japanese TV drama they saw during childhood.

Some said they remember Akagi as a mother in the drama. Others said they were moved to tears by the film Akagi starred in at the age of 88.