IAEA discusses peaceful use of nuclear technology

IAEA discusses peaceful use of nuclear technology

The UN nuclear agency is holding a ministerial conference in Vienna to discuss ways to promote the peaceful use of nuclear power.

The International Atomic Energy Agency opened the 3-day meeting in the Austrian capital on Wednesday. Ministers and other top officials from 60 of the agency's 170 member states are attending the conference.

In his opening speech, the IAEA Director General, Yukiya Amano, stressed the importance of using nuclear science and technology for peaceful purposes.

Amano said developing countries are especially interested in how the IAEA can help them to grow more food, treat cancer, manage water supplies, protect the oceans and monitor climate change.

The ministerial conference, the first of its kind, is being co-chaired by Japan's Parliamentary Vice Foreign Minister, Kiyoto Tsuji, and Costa Rica's Foreign Minister, Epsy Campbell Barr.

The participants adopted a declaration in which they acknowledged the role of the IAEA in facilitating free access to the peaceful uses of atomic energy and the transfer of nuclear technology.

Tsuji disclosed the Japanese government's plan to contribute about 1.4 million dollars to the IAEA.