Japan plans hi-tech 'super city'

Japan plans hi-tech 'super city'

Japan's government is planning to develop a so-called "super city" where cutting-edge technologies will undergo fast-track testing to study their feasibility.

Government officials have drawn up a basic plan that calls for the city to be developed on a former industrial site, with people invited to serve as residents.

The city will host intensive trials of 5 or more technologies, including autonomous driving and tele-medicine using video links.

Officials plan to obtain residents' consent so that only self-driving vehicles will cruise the city's streets.

The aim is to collect test data in the shortest possible time to allow the technology to be promptly put to wider use.
The experiment is in line with the government's goal of realizing a "4th industrial revolution" using the power of artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies.

Selection of a candidate site is set to begin as early as next summer.