WFP: Climate change causing starvation in Africa

WFP: Climate change causing starvation in Africa

A senior official of the World Food Programme has warned that climate change is leading to conflicts and starvation in Africa. He urged the international community to work together to tackle climate change.

The United Nations estimates that 821 million people around the world were undernourished last year. Conflicts are believed to be one of the causative factors.

WFP official Abdou Dieng held an interview with NHK in Tokyo on Thursday. He is in charge of food assistance in western and central Africa.

Dieng said farm yields are shrinking in Africa as rainfall declines due to global warming. He said conflicts occur as tensions within countries rise over how to divide up the crops.

Delegates from nations around the world will gather at a UN conference to discuss climate change next month. They will seek to agree on concrete rules on the Paris Agreement, an international framework to counter global warming beyond 2020.

Dieng stressed that climate change is a global issue and the delegates need to work together to reach an agreement.

He underlined the importance of creating new breeds of agricultural produce that can resist climate change.

Dieng said Africa will be resistant to climate change and prevent conflicts if companies invest in the continent and pass on knowhow and techniques to local entities.