Sendai residents hold tsunami evacuation drills

Sendai residents hold tsunami evacuation drills

A city in northeastern Japan is holding evacuation drills on Monday, World Tsunami Awareness Day. Sendai was hit by quake-triggered tsunami in March 2011.

About 7,000 people, including residents of coastal areas, took part in the drills. They were based on the scenario that a magnitude 9.0 earthquake had occurred. A tsunami warning was issued.

The Minamigamo district was entirely submerged in the 2011 tsunami. Officials used a wireless warning system to urge the residents to evacuate. People headed for a 9-meter-high evacuation tower that was built 2 years ago. The tower is equipped with wheelchairs.

A number of problems were found during the drills, such as parked cars blocking evacuation routes.

Community leader Kazuo Matsuoka says he wants to continue holding drills to ensure that everyone will be protected.