Thai rap against 'dictatorship' tops charts

Thai rap against 'dictatorship' tops charts

In Thailand, a rap music video slamming the government has become a viral sensation... racking up over 20 million views online in just one week.

The video was uploaded by the Thai group "Rap Against Dictatorship." The song criticizes the military-led government, which has held power since a coup 4 years ago.

Its lyrics call for a free and fair election as soon as possible. They say, "The country where leaders gobble up taxes like a treat... which is my country, which is my country. The parliament house is a soldiers' playground. The charter is written and erased by the army's boots."

The song also topped the list for music downloads in Thailand.

Political activities are restricted under the current administration, and Thai police had indicated they would investigate the video. But strong opposition from the media and intellectuals has prompted authorities to turn a blind eye.

However Interim Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha expressed irritation over the song on Monday. He said he wonders whether he's being labeled a dictator, a title he said he rejects.