Haruki Murakami gives rare talk in New York

Japanese writer Haruki Murakami has spoken at an event in New York. About 500 fans gathered to hear a rare public speech from the writer.

The event was held on Saturday, ahead of the release of the English edition of his novel "Killing Commendatore" in the United States.

The author answered questions from an editor with touches of humor, drawing laughter from the audience.

Murakami said he is trying to be both a gentleman and a novelist, but it's not easy because it's like being US President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama at the same time.

Murakami joked that it's important for a gentleman and a novelist not to talk about the income tax he has paid, or write about ex-girlfriends or ex-wives, and not to think about the Nobel Literature Prize.

When a member of the audience asked what makes the author get angry, he said some kinds of unfairness in society and harassment sometimes make him angry.

But Murakami said he tries not to be too angry when he writes fiction.