High court allows restart of Ikata reactor

High court allows restart of Ikata reactor

A high court is allowing a nuclear reactor in western Japan to restart.

Hiroshima High Court presiding judge Masayuki Miki on Tuesday revoked an injunction issued in December.

The same court had ordered Shikoku Electric Power not to restart the No. 3 reactor at Ikata plant in Ehime Prefecture. The decision was due to the risk of a volcanic eruption from Mount Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture.

The ruling was valid until the end of this month.

Shikoku Electric had lodged an objection to the injunction and the high court had been hearing the case.
The power company will be making quick preparations to bring the reactor back online.

Meanwhile, Oita District Court is expected to rule on Friday on another injunction filed by a separate group of residents over the reactor.