Emergency information for foreigners

Emergency information for foreigners

Japan's Meteorological Agency is warning that a quake of about the same intensity could hit the area in the next week or so.

If you are in the earthquake-hit area, do not go out sightseeing. And be aware for broken glass. Power lines may be down on the streets. People are being advised to not step over them because the electric current could still be running.

For people in Hokkaido, we advise you check for updates and for advisories with your local municipality.

If you're in Hokkaido and need information in English, Mandarin or in Korean, you can call the following Hokkaido Disaster Prevention Information lines:


The operators are available between 8:45 AM and 5:30 PM on weekdays. Please note that the services are for foreigners in Hokkaido only.

You can also go online to Hokkaido's disaster prevention website. The URL is http://www.bousai-hokkaido.jp/BousaiPublic/html/dou/en/top_english.html.

Or simply search ''Hokkaido disaster prevention information'' and click on the link.