Quake paralyzes public transport in Hokkaido

Quake paralyzes public transport in Hokkaido

Public transport has been paralyzed across Hokkaido Prefecture due to the powerful earthquake.

Aviation authorities canceled all flights at New Chitose Airport on Thursday.

Workers at the airport are checking the runways and flights will resume once they are deemed safe.

Shinkansen bullet train service is suspended.
Local trains have also stopped.

Many roadways have large craters and gaps that have made it impossible for vehicles to operate.
Public bus services have shut down and many highways have also closed. Schools are also closed for the day.

Hospitals are on emergency backup power as crews try to restore electricity to nearly 3 million buildings on the island. Several hospitals are turning away emergency patients because of the outages.

The Tomari nuclear power plant lost its external power source, but workers there are using emergency generators, and no irregularities have been reported.