Can bursts at Shinjuku Station, injuring 1

Can bursts at Shinjuku Station, injuring 1

Police in Tokyo say an aluminum beverage can burst suddenly inside Shinjuku Station on Sunday morning, injuring one person. They are investigating the incident as a possible assault.

Station staff reported the incident shortly after 5:40 AM.

Police say the can's cap flew off, and liquid sprayed a woman on the leg as she was walking up the stairs. She suffered a slight burn and was taken to hospital.

Police say the 500 milliliter can had no label. They also say it had no holes or cracks. They are working to identify the contents.

A photo taken at around 5:30 AM shows what appears to be white powder on the platform.

The bystander who took the photograph said they heard a loud noise and that there were only a few people on the platform at the time, but one woman seemed to be injured.