Storm damages World Heritage site in Okinawa

Storm damages World Heritage site in Okinawa

A tropical storm has destroyed part of a stone wall at a UNESCO World Heritage site in the southwestern Japanese prefecture of Okinawa.

Education board officials of Nakijin Village in Okinawa Prefecture found the damage to the remains of Nakijin Castle on Monday. The officials are in charge of looking after the remains.

They say a section 9.7 meters wide and 6.4 meters high collapsed near the highest point of the site, where the castle's main building used to stand. Rock and mud fell to a point more than 20 meters below.

The castle was the home of feudal war lords from the 14th to 15th century. Its walls were built along the natural land form and now stretch 1,500 meters.

The Nakijin officials plan to repair the damage in consultation with national and prefectural authorities.

A senior official says he was shocked to see the damage. He explains that the wall has been hurt by typhoons in the past, but never this much. He says officials will work to restore it as soon as possible.