MRJ aircraft runs test flights in US

MRJ aircraft runs test flights in US

The long-delayed passenger jet developed by Mitsubishi Aircraft ran through a series of successful test flights in in the US.

The Mitsubishi Regional Jet is being put through its paces to win safety certification.

It's Japan's first domestically-built aircraft in half a century.

The twin-engine jet completed a series of steep banks and turns, as well as swift speed and altitude changes.

The trials took place in Washington State. The manufacturer says 4 MRJs used in the tests have already completed more than half the hours required for certification.

Hitoshi Iwasa of Mitsubishi Aircraft said, "There could be some minor glitches but what's most important is to keep flying the jet by steadily fixing them. With less than 2 years to deliver the aircraft, we will continue the flights. "

Mitsubishi has said it's won orders for more than 400 of the aircraft from Japan, the US and other countries.

The jet is built to carry 70-90 passengers on regional routes. Development was delayed due to design changes and other reasons. The maker postponed delivery dates 5 times so far. The first deliveries are now forecast for mid-2020.