China zoo criticized for worsening panda's health

China zoo criticized for worsening panda's health

A zoo in central China has been criticized for its poor management that has negatively affected a giant panda's health condition.

Chinese media say Wei Wei, a giant panda in Wuhan City Zoo of Central China's Hubei Province, is in poor health. Its nose has been found to have turned whitish and a part of its body hair has been lost.

It has been pointed out on the Internet that the management of panda care at the zoo may be blamed on the basis of eyewitness reports.

In these circumstances, the zoo has investigated nursing conditions and found that a keeper in charge of Wei Wei did not maintain proper personal hygiene by washing hair near the panda cage, did not wash hands before feeding and smoked near the panda.

The zoo also confirmed that a visitor was seen poking Wei Wei with what appeared to be a stick.

The zoo has sent Wei Wei to the China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Pandas in Sichuan Province on Wednesday so it can recover.

The zoo says it removed the keeper from duty, and will retrain its staff. The zoo is also planning to quickly build a new panda pavilion.

But people are criticizing the zoo, saying it failed to prevent the abuse to Wei Wei.