HondaJet to be sold in Japan

HondaJet to be sold in Japan

Japan's Honda Motor says it will start selling its small business jet in the country.

Honda made the announcement on Wednesday.

The firm hopes to start delivering the 7-seater HondaJet in the first half of next year after approval by Japan's government.

The plane costs about 570 million yen, or roughly 5.2 million dollars.

The HondaJet has already been sold mainly in the United States and Europe, where demand for jets has been increasing among business owners.

Last year, Honda delivered 43 of the aircraft -- twice the figure for the previous year -- putting the plane in first place among small business jets.

Japan's business jet market is small, with only about 90 planes in operation. About 13,000 operate in the United States.

Honda Aircraft Company President Michimasa Fujino says he sees potential demand in Japan too, and wants to establish a new means of transportation allowing smooth transport to every city in the country.