Survey: Only 15% want to be Tokyo Games volunteer

Survey: Only 15% want to be Tokyo Games volunteer

Nearly 80 percent of respondents to a survey in Japan said they are interested in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but only 15 percent are willing to work as volunteers for the event.

NHK's Broadcasting Culture Research Institute in March surveyed 3,600 people aged 20 or older who were chosen at random nationwide. Nearly 2,500, or about 68 percent, responded.

78 percent of the respondents expressed interest in the Tokyo Games. The figure is almost unchanged from the previous survey last October.

Those polled were asked to name more than one event they want to watch.

Gymnastics topped the list at 69 percent, followed by track and field at 62 percent. Swimming and the opening ceremony were next, at 55 percent.

The process of recruiting volunteers for the games starts in mid-September. 83 percent of the respondents said they're not willing to work as volunteers.

By gender and age bracket, women in their 20s had the highest proportion of people willing to volunteer, at 27 percent. The figure for people in Tokyo who said they're willing to volunteer also stood at 27 percent, the highest across Japan.

56 percent of respondents said they're interested in the Tokyo Paralympics. That's down 5 percentage points from the October survey and 8 points from the first survey in 2016.