Mother nabbed for leaving dead baby in locker

Mother nabbed for leaving dead baby in locker

Tokyo police have arrested a woman on suspicion of abandoning the body of her baby daughter in a coin-operated locker.

The corpse was found last Tuesday in a suitcase left inside a roadside locker in Kabukicho, an entertainment district in the ward of Shinjuku.

The police analyzed security camera footage and other possible clues before apprehending Mao Togawa on Saturday.

Authorities say the 25-year-old suspect has no fixed address and claims to be unemployed. They say she was staying at a manga cafe near the locker.

Officials say she claims that she gave birth to the baby in the cafe. They say the woman told them that she killed the newborn after it cried, because she feared that someone might notice that she had a baby.

Police say the suspect has stated that, several days later, she put the baby in a suitcase and left it in the locker.

Officials also say there were strangulation marks on the baby's neck.