Tochinoshin to be promoted to Ozeki champion

Tochinoshin to be promoted to Ozeki champion

The Japan Sumo Association will call an emergency board meeting on Wednesday to discuss the promotion of Georgian sumo wrestler, Tochinoshin, to Ozeki champion. Holding the meeting means his promotion has virtually been cemented.

Tochinoshin won his first title in the Grand Sumo Tournament in January with 14 wins and one loss.

He marked 10 wins in the following spring tournament as Sekiwake, one rank below Ozeki.

He marked 12 consecutive wins from the first day of the summer tournament, beating Yokozuna champion Hakuho on the 12th day.

He has amassed 36 wins in the 3 latest tournaments, exceeding the threshold considered necessary for promotion to Ozeki.

On Sunday, the association's judging department requested Chairman Hakkaku call an extraordinary meeting.

The department chief Ounomatsu says Tochinoshin has been very stable over the last few tournaments, and that he strongly feels he deserves to be promoted.

He added that his victory over Hakuho on the 12th day had a big impact.

Tochinoshin's promotion will become official after the association's board meeting on Wednesday.