Removal of Kyoto Univ. signs draws mixed reaction

Removal of Kyoto Univ. signs draws mixed reaction

Kyoto University has removed a number of signs put up by student groups around campus. But new ones protesting the removal were posted soon after.

University officials on Sunday removed signs from a sidewalk around the university's Yoshida Campus in Kyoto City.

The school is removing the signs after being informed by city officials in October that they breached a Kyoto ordinance.

The signs feature unique designs and messages. They have long been a fixture at the school and are a popular attraction.

University officials say there were no major demonstrations when the signs were taken down.

But new ones, protesting the removal, appeared at the site on Monday.

A student said he was opposed to the removal and that he wanted to see as many signs back up as before.

A man who attends lectures on campus said he thinks the move deprives the students of their freedom.

But a woman who lives in the area said it was necessary to create an environment that allowed the students to focus on their studies.