ICAO officials leave for N.Korea

ICAO officials leave for N.Korea

Officials from the UN aviation agency are on their way to North Korea to discuss Pyongyang's request to open new flight routes connecting the two Koreas.

Two officials from the International Civil Aviation Organization, or ICAO, left Beijing for Pyongyang on Monday.

They will discuss aviation safety with North Korean officials.

North Korea proposed in February setting up new air routes between Pyongyang and the city of Incheon near the South Korean capital of Seoul.

Inter-Korean relations had only just begun to improve at that time with the North sending high-level delegations to the South for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

ICAO officials say Pyongyang recently agreed to accept a visit by the agency.

In October, ICAO member states unanimously issued a condemnation of North Korea for repeatedly test-firing ballistic missiles, posing a serious threat to aviation safety.

The agency plans to ask North Korea how it will ensure the safety of civilian aviation in international air space.