Myanmar to accept inspections over Rohingya

Myanmar to accept inspections over Rohingya

Myanmar says it plans to accept inspections by the United Nations Security Council over Rohingya minority people.

The UN estimates that more than 670,000 Rohingya, an ethnic minority in Myanmar, fled to Bangladesh after fighting broke out last year between Rohingya militants and Myanmar security forces in the western state of Rakhine.

Many of the refugees say they suffered persecution by the forces and are reluctant to return to Myanmar. Securing their safety and protecting their human rights are key issues.

Myanmar government officials say they plan to invite a delegation from the UN Security Council in about a month to monitor preparations in Rakhine to accept returnees. Such acceptance would be Myanmar's first of a UN Security Council delegation over Rohingya.

Myanmar's government has so far repeatedly rejected inspections by the UN Human Rights Council and others, triggering suspicion that it may be trying to hide its abuse of human rights.

Ahead of a rainy season in the region, there are growing concerns about infectious diseases or flooding among Rohingya living in refugee camps in Bangladesh.

The focus of attention is whether acceptance of UN Security Council inspections would heighten transparency of the situation surrounding the refugees and promote their return to Myanmar.