Children return to school in Fukushima village

Children return to school in Fukushima village

A school reopened in a village in Fukushima Prefecture on Sunday following the lifting of an evacuation order.

Students at 3 elementary schools and a junior high school in Iitate Village have been attending classes in Kawamata Town and Fukushima City since the nuclear accident 7 years ago. They will now study at the rebuilt junior high school.

Iitate Mayor Norio Kanno said he has been waiting for this day for a long time. He urged the students to reflect on the importance of life in their lessons.

The children then sang their school songs at the ceremony.

A girl said she is grateful for the support she received from many people while she was living away from home, and she wants to help those who are in need.

Another child said the new building is large and clean, and she wants to make the last year of elementary school a memorable one.