Experts call Japan's role key to nuclear reduction

Experts call Japan's role key to nuclear reduction

Experts from the United States and Russia say Japan's role in nuclear arms reduction is growing in importance as the only country that has experienced nuclear attacks.

On Thursday, a panel submitted recommendations to Japan's foreign minister. The proposal includes cooperation of nuclear powers and countries protected under the nuclear umbrella.

Experts took part in last week's panel on nuclear disarmament hosted by Japan's government.

They say this issue is especially important as their countries move toward strengthening nuclear arsenals in response to North Korea's continued development of nuclear arms.

Linton Brooks is a former senior US official in charge of nuclear arms control. Brooks said Japan has a strong moral responsibility for promoting dialogue between opposing nations over nuclear issues.

Anton Khlopkov heads a private think tank in Russia. Khlopkov said, "bridge building is critically important." He said Japan has a unique role because American allies benefit from nuclear deterrence but it has a strong moral standing in disarmament.

The Japanese government intends to press for nuclear arms reduction at a preparatory meeting by parties to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in Geneva this month.