Sony to start taxi-hailing service in autumn

Sony to start taxi-hailing service in autumn

Sony is planning to bring what it says will be a fast and efficient taxi-hailing service to Tokyo later this year. It will use a smartphone app featuring artificial intelligence.

The Japanese electronics firm says a group company will set up the new business with 6 taxi operators this spring. Together, they have over 10,000 vehicles in the capital.

The new venture plans to incorporate AI software developed by Sony into its app. The goal is to dispatch taxis efficiently and quickly.

The AI will analyze various factors, including days of the week, time, weather conditions and ongoing events, to predict demand for rides. Sony says it wants to launch the service in the autumn.

Meanwhile, competitor JapanTaxi is already offering users access to around 60,000 cars or about a quarter of all taxis in Japan.

Japanese telecom firm Softbank Group has said it will also enter the field in partnership with Chinese ride-hailing company Didi Chuxing.