NASA's ISS funding to end

NASA's ISS funding to end

The US space agency has announced changes that aim to end government funding for the International Space Station, and see American astronauts traveling to the Moon by 2023.

NASA's acting administrator Robert Lightfoot says federal support for the ISS is planned to end from 2025 and the agency will instead look at encouraging privatization. It will request 150 million dollars in fiscal 2019 to help commercial companies expand activities in low-Earth orbit.

The plan also earmarks 10.5 billion dollars for human space exploration. That includes a mission to the Moon's orbit by 2023.

Lightfoot said the plan "reflects the administration's confidence that America will lead the way back to the Moon and take the next giant leap from where we made that first small step some 50 years ago."

US President Donald Trump instructed NASA last December to come up with a plan to send American astronauts back to the Moon.