Thursday, February 8, 12:13 (UTC)

Tokyo school criticized for Armani uniforms

A public elementary school in central Tokyo has drawn criticism for its plan to introduce uniforms designed by Italian fashion house Armani.

Taimei elementary school, located in the upscale Ginza shopping district, plans to introduce the new uniforms for first-graders starting in April.

Currently, a boy's uniform for the school costs just over 155 dollars and a girl's costs around 180 dollars. The Armani-designed uniforms will cost about two and a half times as much. The total price of a full outfit, including sweaters and socks, is expected to come to over 730 dollars.

Taimei school explained the decision in a leaflet last November, saying the new uniforms would reflect the school's prestigious surroundings. But the leaflet did not list any prices.

The move has prompted criticism and concern among parents.

The issue was even raised in the Diet.

Finance Minister Taro Aso said that the prices seemed expensive for elementary school uniforms.

Education minister Yoshimasa Hayashi said that the school should have discussed the matter with parents before making the decision.

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