Classical background music on Tokyo Metro

Tokyo's subway system has begun experimenting with playing classical background music on its trains to provide a more comfortable travel experience.

Tokyo Metro Company began the trial on Monday in selected trains between Naka-meguro and Kita-senju stations on the Hibiya Line.

Music pieces such as Debussy's "Light of the Moon" and Chopin's nocturnes are being heard between 10 AM and around 2 PM. The volume is set lower than train announcements.

The idea emerged after the company mistakenly played classical music used for pre-operation checks on a regular train last July.

Word spread on social media, and passengers responded online saying they enjoyed the unexpected music.

A 23-year-old passenger said he noticed the music sometime after he got on the train, and that it was soothing.

The company plans to examine whether it will formally introduce the music service, and how to determine the time slot, volume, and types of music.