Suga: Japan to up pressure on N.Korea

Suga: Japan to up pressure on N.Korea

The top spokesperson for Japan's government says it will continue to work closely with the United States, South Korea, China and Russia to maximize pressure on Pyongyang to have it change its policies.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga was speaking to reporters on Wednesday. He also said he welcomes North Korea's intention to take part in the upcoming Winter Olympics and Paralympics in South Korea.

Suga was asked by a reporter whether he's concerned that inter-Korean dialogue will weaken encirclement of North Korea by the international community. Suga emphasized that the community should implement sanctions resolutions that the United Nations unanimously adopted against the North.

Suga also dismissed South Korea's latest announcement about the country's 2015 agreement with Japan on those referred to as comfort women. South Korea said it would not seek to renegotiate the deal, but urged Japan to do more to restore the women's honor and dignity and heal their wounds.

Suga said Japan finds it totally unacceptable for South Korea to demand further measures despite the agreement's confirming a "final and irreversible" resolution of the issue.

Suga said it is a rule of the international community to implement such agreements with responsibility even after changes of government.

He said both countries must steadily implement the deal, and that Japan has properly done so.