Final New Year auction held at Tsukiji market

Final New Year auction held at Tsukiji market

The Tsukiji wholesale food market in Tokyo held its first auction of the year on Friday.

It was likely the final New Year auction at the world-famous site as a new facility in the nearby Toyosu district is scheduled to open in October.

At a ceremony, a wholesalers' representative urged everyone who works at the market to bring the Tsukiji brand-name to Toyosu.

Dealers and bidders then wished for robust trading.

A bell was rung shortly after 5:30 AM, prompting dealers to start bidding on frozen tuna.

The highest bid of the day was for a 405-kilogram bluefin tuna caught in Japan's northern prefecture of Aomori. It fetched over 36 million yen, or about 330,000 dollars. That's the 4th-highest auction price of its kind on record.

The Tsukiji market has been open for business for 8 decades at its current location.