Company reprimanded for dangerous drone operation

Company reprimanded for dangerous drone operation

Japan's transport ministry has reprimanded a company for the dangerous operation of a drone.

The ministry says the firm flew a drone at a commercial facility in Tokyo in April, allowing visitors to grab snacks dangling from the device with clothespins.

A video obtained by NHK shows about 20 children jumping to grab the snacks. It shows the craft wildly moving up and down each time the snacks are pulled.

The ministry issued the warning to the Tokyo-based company on Wednesday. It says the drone weighing more than one kilogram could have caused injury if it hit people or its rotating propellers touched them.

The company told NHK that it flew the drone with little care and acknowledges the seriousness of the error. It adds that its workers will do their utmost to prevent a recurrence.

Accidents and troubles involving drones have taken place recently. Last month, 6 spectators were injured when a drone plummeted at an event in Gifu Prefecture.

The ministry plans to tighten regulations on drone operations, such as mandating operators to set up an off-limits zone of at least 30 meters from a drone and install covers over propellers.