Protesters rally against TEPCO approval

Protestors have opposed the Nuclear Regulation Authority's endorsement of safety measures taken at 2 reactors operated by Tokyo Electric Power Company.

About 20 people, including members of a citizen's group opposed to reactor restarts, rallied on Wednesday in Tokyo in front of the building where the regulators were meeting.

They raised a banner that said the regulators shouldn't encourage the restarts.

Some asked why TEPCO is being given approval when victims of the Fukushima disaster have not been given relief. Others said TEPCO is unfit to operate nuclear reactors.

The group handed out petitions to regulation authority employees, demanding that the reactors' assessments not be approved.

Masahide Kimura of the citizens' group said regulators must ask whether the public really wants TEPCO deemed capable of running reactors.

He said the regulators' decision diverges from public opinion, and is not likely to be supported.