Myanmar denies entry of UN special rapporteur

Myanmar denies entry of UN special rapporteur

A United Nations human rights investigator has disclosed she had been barred from visiting Myanmar to assess the human rights of minority Rohingya Muslims there.

UN special rapporteur Yanghee Lee on Wednesday released a statement saying the declaration of non-cooperation with her mandate can only be viewed as a strong indication that there must be something terrible happening in Rakhine state.

Lee condemned Myanmar's government, saying she is puzzled and disappointed by the decision.

Lee was scheduled to go to the country next month to visit the western state of Rakhine, where security forces have been accused of abusing the human rights of Rohingya Muslims.

Lee has visited Myanmar six times since she took up the mandate in 2014.

She released a statement after her fact-finding mission in July, saying she was closely monitored by the authorities.

Myanmar's government in turn called the accusation biased and unfair.

Myanmar police last week detained two reporters from Reuters who were covering the humanitarian crisis faced by the Rohingya minority on suspicion of illegally acquiring confidential information.

The reporters' families have been denied access to them.