Object likely from US plane at Okinawa nursery

Object likely from US plane at Okinawa nursery

An object about 10-centimeter long that apparently fell from a US military aircraft has been found on the roof of a nursery in Okinawa, southern Japan.

Staff at Midorigaoka nursery in Ginowan City say they found the cylindrical object at around 10:20 AM on Thursday, just after a US aircraft flew over the facility.

The day care facility is located near the US Marine Corps Futenma air station.

Head of the nursery, Takehiro Kamiya, told NHK that there was a loud sound from the roof and when staff went to check what it was, they found a cylindrical object with "US" written on it.

He said children were playing outside, just next to the building on which the object fell.

He said he had been worrying something like this might happen because the nursery is located under the flight path of US military aircraft, but is shocked that it actually happened.