South Korea: B1 bomber joins joint military drill

South Korea: B1 bomber joins joint military drill

The South Korean military says the US Air Force's B-1 bomber has conducted a bombing drill during one of the largest joint air exercises ever.

The military announced on Wednesday that the bomber, based on the Pacific island of Guam, participated in the the practice jointly with about 10 aircraft, including South Korea's F-15 fighters, in the eastern province of Gangwon.

The drill was conducted as part of the annual Vigilant ACE air force practice that began on Monday. The 2 militaries have mobilized about 230 planes, including F-35 stealth jets and F-22 fighters for the 5-day drill.

The B-1 bomber can carry more weapons than other US military aircraft. South Korean media have dubbed it the "swan of death" as it looks like the bird.

Observers say the North is keeping an eye on the bomber. It was used in an apparent show of deterrence to North Korea's missile threat.

The US and South Korean militaries are stepping up their vigilance against the North. They expect the country to launch a ballistic missile again to express its opposition to the joint air drill.