Govt. to make go-karts safer on public roads

Govt. to make go-karts safer on public roads

Japan's transport ministry has decided to mandate seatbelts and other safety features on go-karts that run on public roads.

Go-kart tours are popular mostly among foreign tourists to Japan. But they're dangerous because drivers don't need to wear seatbelts.

The transport ministry says go-karts were involved in 3 accidents in fiscal 2016.

The ministry compiled new safety measures on Tuesday, based on discussions by experts.

They include installing seatbelts, attaching a red light one meter above ground or higher to warn other drivers, and fitting fenders over the tires to prevent things from getting caught in the wheels.
The seatbelts and lights will be installed on go-karts already in service as well as new ones.

Drivers in cars with seatbelts are automatically obliged to wear them.

The ministry plans to revise relevant ordinances by the end of March next year.